Fantastic video about the role HAIR plays in determining, or in many cases inhibiting, femininity. Hair. Long, flowing hair. Luscious locks let down and letting down again. Tied up or twisted. Carrying a significant weight, a buried meaning. Shampooed. and conditioned. On gender, or is-ness, on feeling and femininity. When locks lock, when curls define, […]


It’s MERKIN SEASON at HAIR CLUB and we are prone to ALL CAPS PROCLAMATIONS. For example, THIS EVENT, which is coming up in less than a week: Friday, April 3rd: a MORNING MERKIN-MAKING WORKSHOP in the leadership suite in the Sharp building, SAIC // 9:00a-12:00p. JOIN US! In the merkin-making spirit: Dipping into the archives […]

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In researching Neil Gaiman’s My Crazy Hair, I stumbled upon the delightful drawings of artist Marian Boo, whose interpretations of this singular fable remind us of the myriad textural opportunities we have when it comes to rendering hair. Her illustrations offer a bright contrast to the original as the hair proceeds in a continuous swirling mass […]

A fabulous tale about a man with crazy hair penned by the one and only Neil Gaiman in a fabular, rhyming, lilting gait. The Illustrations (by Dave McKean), too, of note, particularly the air balloons afloat over an undulating sea of hair. Enjoy!   

(detail) (detail)

“The neighbors were suspicious of her hairstyle”

Robert Gober (American, b. 1954), Long Haired Cheese (1992-93) on display at LACMA. Beeswax and hair What can this mean? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Strange outgrowth :: an anonymous, fictional, digital (Facebook) persona for this work of art. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Additionally, Robert Gober’s Hairy Shoe (1992), made of the same materials.

Big goofy yes. Enjoy. 2015 Minnesota State All Hockey Hair Team